8. Juli 2018

M0reniita x Origins: Lesung in Zürich

Wenn du nach deiner eigenen Lesung, die übrigens bei strömendem Regen stattgefunden hat, mit einem breiten Lächeln nachhause fährst und vor Glück nur so strahlst, dann […]
20. August 2017

Intuitive eating, stop dieting and enjoy eating again

intuitive eating isn’t that easy when you live in a society which constantly tells you h0w to achieve your goal body but all them methods nothing have […]
1. August 2017

intuitive eating and gaining weight: some thoughts

The past months I hardly ever talked about my nutrition because I know that someone who suffers from an eating disorder can get affected very easily […]
18. Juni 2017

Bikini body

Last year I got asked several times if I could do a bikini guide to help find women out there the right or perfect bikini for […]
13. Mai 2017

Body positivity talk with Mirella

 1. Hey Mirella, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I wanted to increase my self- esteem. I used to hide […]
1. Mai 2017

body positivity talk with Vanda (my mother)

 1. Hey Vanda, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I think that body positivity is something which everyone should care […]
29. Januar 2017

Gastbeitrag: STOP mit Schuldgefühlen – ich stelle mich meinen Ängsten endgültig!

Ein Post im Facebook mit der Frage: „Für welche Erfahrungen in meinem Leben kann ich aus ganzem Herzen danken?“ hat mich zu diesem Text, den ich […]
22. Januar 2017

But you’re so unhealthy!

Usually I don’t care about those haters telling me I’m fat or disgusting or unhealthy because well they just deserve to be ignored. What’s the difference between […]
8. Dezember 2016

Gastbeitrag: Dear friend, I have something to tell you

Do you remember when we were eating and you have been complaining about being too fat and thinking about not eating too much? We were all […]