2. November 2016

Dear body, I’m sorry for what I did to you

For a long time I was my own enemy. I’ve worked against myself instead of working for myself. Sometimes I gave my body too little food […]
23. Oktober 2016

Welcome to a fake world, welcome to Instagram!

It’s crazy but I can’t imagine waking up or going to bed without checking Instagram before and after. I might have missed something during the day or […]
11. August 2016

failed! – part 1

As always when I scroll through my pictures on my mobile phone I stumble upon some pictures of myself who make me laugh.. pictures I would […]
2. Juni 2016

They call me fat

„you’re so chubby.“  „You’re unhealthy!“  „You are so fat but you have no boobs. Your curves are on the wrong places.“ „Cover yourself, you ugly thing.“  […]
23. Mai 2016

a little more tolerance and respect, please!

I know, that I’m never ever going to save the world no matter how much and how often I try to. I know that I’m not […]
10. April 2016

I’m a teacher and a blogger!

Kein Tag ist wie der andere, wenn man eine Lehrperson ist. Du hast es mit vielen unterschiedlichen Kindern zu tun. Kinder, die jeden Tag anders ticken. […]
17. März 2016

Meine Ernährung / My Nutrition

Meine Ernährung? Die ist eigentlich ganz simpel: Ich esse, wenn ich hunger habe und ich höre auf, sobald ich satt bin. Was ich esse? Alles. Verzichten? […]
3. März 2016

What to do after a binge

What to do after a binge? Please scroll down for English . . ______________________ Wenn du das liest, dann vielleicht weil du selber mal einen Essanfall […]
26. Februar 2016

My Top Ten Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey loves <3 It’s time for some inspiration here! If you like my Instagram feed, you will surely like other accounts I use to follow, because […]