20. September 2017

Feel Good Fashion by C&A

It’s not about the size you wear but about how you wear your size This simple yet strong sentence I heard at the C&A event in […]
3. September 2017

about skirts and fears

When I was in Mallorca, wearing a jeans skirt very confident, I thought about my youth and the fact, that I changed a lot when it […]
19. Juni 2016

Letter to a 12 years old me

Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time to not be intimidated by the unkind words of others. Going self-confident and powerful through the world means not, you […]
26. Februar 2016

My Top Ten Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey loves <3 It’s time for some inspiration here! If you like my Instagram feed, you will surely like other accounts I use to follow, because […]
31. Oktober 2015

Bist du Selbstbewusst? Teil 2

Lange habe ich überlegt, wie ich einige meiner Leser, Follower und auch sonst Menschen aus jeder Ecke dieser Welt dazu bringen kann, sich selbst zu akzeptieren […]