22. August 2018

Did you lose weight? // Hast du abgenommen?

Please scroll down for English. Morena, isst du überhaupt noch etwas?  .. Wow, du hast aber ganz schön viel abgenommen. Wie hast du das geschafft? Gratuliere, […]
14. Februar 2018

Valentinstag und die Liebe zu sich selbst

Beim Einkaufen heute: Überall wunderschöne Rosen in den prächtigsten Farben. Beim Scrollen auf Instagram: Eine Anzeige nach der anderen und alle mit Herzen und Blumen oder […]
20. August 2017

Intuitive eating, stop dieting and enjoy eating again

intuitive eating isn’t that easy when you live in a society which constantly tells you h0w to achieve your goal body but all them methods nothing have […]
1. August 2017

intuitive eating and gaining weight: some thoughts

The past months I hardly ever talked about my nutrition because I know that someone who suffers from an eating disorder can get affected very easily […]
18. Juni 2017

Bikini body

Last year I got asked several times if I could do a bikini guide to help find women out there the right or perfect bikini for […]
20. Mai 2017

Natural me

Did it happen to you that you left the house without wearing make up and then you got asked if you’re not well? Well, I did […]
13. Mai 2017

Body positivity talk with Mirella

 1. Hey Mirella, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I wanted to increase my self- esteem. I used to hide […]
1. Mai 2017

body positivity talk with Vanda (my mother)

 1. Hey Vanda, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I think that body positivity is something which everyone should care […]
17. April 2017

Self- confidence is a gift

As you may know I’m currently in Miami with my better half. Yesterday we woke up early (well, it wasn’t that early at 9 o’clock, haha) […]