13. Mai 2017

Body positivity talk with Mirella

 1. Hey Mirella, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I wanted to increase my self- esteem. I used to hide […]
17. April 2017

Self- confidence is a gift

As you may know I’m currently in Miami with my better half. Yesterday we woke up early (well, it wasn’t that early at 9 o’clock, haha) […]
29. November 2016

6 tips for more self-confidence

How to be more self-confident? Self- confidence is something not everybody was born with. It is something you start building up between childhood and adolescence. That’s […]
19. Juni 2016

Letter to a 12 years old me

Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time to not be intimidated by the unkind words of others. Going self-confident and powerful through the world means not, you […]
26. Februar 2016

My Top Ten Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hey loves <3 It’s time for some inspiration here! If you like my Instagram feed, you will surely like other accounts I use to follow, because […]