16. August 2018

Gran Canaria: Vielfältig und wunderschön

Dancing at 2 o’clock on a wonderful wedding of friends. Running with a beautiful dress and High Heels to my Fiat 500. Rushing home during one […]
19. März 2017

Life Update: moving in together and travels

Hey loves <3 Two days ago when I was sitting on my teacher’s desk I felt a little bid sad because I can’t share much from my […]
31. Oktober 2016

Brunch: Zur Werkstatt Luzern

Mit keinem macht Essen mehr Spass als mit meiner Mama. Sie hat mir gezeigt, dass es wichtig ist, die Sachen aufzuessen, da es viele Menschen gibt, […]
9. Oktober 2016

London is always a good idea

Before my better half decided to spend two months in London, I have to say, that we were there three years ago and I wasn’t really […]
14. August 2016

A short trip to Hamburg

A few weeks ago my daddy and me spent some beautiful days in Hamburg. We decided months ago that if / when we finally have some free […]
24. April 2016

I belong to the sea

Hey loves <3 As you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of the sea! I’m half Italian and half Spanish and that’s why I […]
14. Januar 2016

Embrace your imperfections

As you might know I am not afraid to show you the most imperfect sides of my body and my appearance. But I have a lot of […]