22. August 2018

Did you lose weight? // Hast du abgenommen?

Please scroll down for English. Morena, isst du überhaupt noch etwas?  .. Wow, du hast aber ganz schön viel abgenommen. Wie hast du das geschafft? Gratuliere, […]
1. Mai 2017

body positivity talk with Vanda (my mother)

 1. Hey Vanda, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? Because I think that body positivity is something which everyone should care […]
12. April 2017

body positivity talk with Sandra

Hey Sandra, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? To me it’s a chance to impower other women to accept themselves the way […]
26. März 2017

body positivity talk with Sara

Hey Sara, why have you decided to be part of this photo shoot? I want to encourage other curvy women. No woman should feel ashamed of her […]
13. Oktober 2016

Curvy, please!

Wednesday evening, 20.15, RTl 2. I was in the kitchen having dinner with my mother when I received a message from my boyfriend telling me that […]
2. Oktober 2016

Letter to a 35 years old me

In 12 years, when I will be 35 years old,  I hope to be a mother, a wife and a friend and maybe still a blogger […]
6. Juli 2016

One- Way- Ticket to a bikini body

I wanted to tell you that summer is coming, because here in Switzerland it is FINALLY good weather, but the truth is.. summer is already since […]
19. Juni 2016

Letter to a 12 years old me

Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time to not be intimidated by the unkind words of others. Going self-confident and powerful through the world means not, you […]
2. Juni 2016

They call me fat

„you’re so chubby.“  „You’re unhealthy!“  „You are so fat but you have no boobs. Your curves are on the wrong places.“ „Cover yourself, you ugly thing.“  […]