22. August 2018

Did you lose weight? // Hast du abgenommen?

Please scroll down for English. Morena, isst du überhaupt noch etwas?  .. Wow, du hast aber ganz schön viel abgenommen. Wie hast du das geschafft? Gratuliere, […]
20. August 2017

Intuitive eating, stop dieting and enjoy eating again

intuitive eating isn’t that easy when you live in a society which constantly tells you h0w to achieve your goal body but all them methods nothing have […]
26. Februar 2017

7 years together

8 years ago a handsome guy sent me a message on Facebook. I didn’t know him but we had many common friends so I thought that […]
8. Dezember 2016

Gastbeitrag: Dear friend, I have something to tell you

Do you remember when we were eating and you have been complaining about being too fat and thinking about not eating too much? We were all […]
4. August 2016

comfort eating / emotionales Essen

What should I eat next? If I eat this and that I will gain weight.. and what will others think of me then? Well.. one piece […]
28. Juli 2016

Lammily: A doll with a realistic body shape

I remember how beautiful my days were when I played the whole day with my barbies. I’m a unique child and due to my mother who […]