20. August 2017

Intuitive eating, stop dieting and enjoy eating again

intuitive eating isn’t that easy when you live in a society which constantly tells you h0w to achieve your goal body but all them methods nothing have […]
1. August 2017

intuitive eating and gaining weight: some thoughts

The past months I hardly ever talked about my nutrition because I know that someone who suffers from an eating disorder can get affected very easily […]
22. Januar 2017

But you’re so unhealthy!

Usually I don’t care about those haters telling me I’m fat or disgusting or unhealthy because well they just deserve to be ignored. What’s the difference between […]
16. November 2016

My gingerbread is the best

The countdown has started. Are you in christmas mood already? Well, I am. As you may know I work as a teacher and we’re already preparing […]
2. November 2016

Dear body, I’m sorry for what I did to you

For a long time I was my own enemy. I’ve worked against myself instead of working for myself. Sometimes I gave my body too little food […]
1. September 2016


Are you actually vegan? There’s not one week that I don’t hear that sentence. To be honest: It is so annoying! People always feel the urge […]
4. August 2016

comfort eating / emotionales Essen

What should I eat next? If I eat this and that I will gain weight.. and what will others think of me then? Well.. one piece […]
31. März 2016

MyMuesli Review

Wie ihr wohl unschwer erkennen könnt, bin ich ein grosser MyMuesli- Fan 🙂 Ich bin auch ein richtiger Glückspilz, dass ich mit dieser Firma zusammenarbeiten kann […]
17. März 2016

Meine Ernährung / My Nutrition

Meine Ernährung? Die ist eigentlich ganz simpel: Ich esse, wenn ich hunger habe und ich höre auf, sobald ich satt bin. Was ich esse? Alles. Verzichten? […]