6. Juli 2016

One- Way- Ticket to a bikini body

I wanted to tell you that summer is coming, because here in Switzerland it is FINALLY good weather, but the truth is.. summer is already since […]
19. Juni 2016

Letter to a 12 years old me

Sometimes I wish, I could turn back the time to not be intimidated by the unkind words of others. Going self-confident and powerful through the world means not, you […]
4. Februar 2016

Morena’s Next Topmodel

hi there <3 Here in Switzerland as also in Germany and Austria today starts the TV – Show Germany’s next Topmodel. A few followers asked me […]
14. Januar 2016

Embrace your imperfections

As you might know I am not afraid to show you the most imperfect sides of my body and my appearance. But I have a lot of […]