3. September 2017

about skirts and fears

When I was in Mallorca, wearing a jeans skirt very confident, I thought about my youth and the fact, that I changed a lot when it […]
30. Juni 2017

BesserWasser Ambassador inkl. Giveaway

Wie einige von euch bestimmt mitbekommen haben, waren mein Schatz und ich ein Wochenende in Salzburg. Ich war vorher noch nie in dieser Stadt und habe […]
27. Juni 2017

How to deal with negativity

You know me as a very positive person, right? Well at the moment it’s hard to stay positive for me too when everything around me seems […]
31. Mai 2017

4 months after going off the pill

I’m sitting here since a few minutes without knowing where to start. That’s why I start there, where I began to take hormones. Seven years ago […]
20. Mai 2017

Natural me

Did it happen to you that you left the house without wearing make up and then you got asked if you’re not well? Well, I did […]
17. April 2017

Self- confidence is a gift

As you may know I’m currently in Miami with my better half. Yesterday we woke up early (well, it wasn’t that early at 9 o’clock, haha) […]
19. März 2017

Life Update: moving in together and travels

Hey loves <3 Two days ago when I was sitting on my teacher’s desk I felt a little bid sad because I can’t share much from my […]
8. März 2017

Pretty Powerful x Kiva

You may know the saying don‚t dream your life, live your dream. It’s one of a few mottos I keep in mind because it motivates me. But is it […]
26. Februar 2017

7 years together

8 years ago a handsome guy sent me a message on Facebook. I didn’t know him but we had many common friends so I thought that […]