16. Oktober 2017

I am more than a number

„Shit, I gained two pounds again. But I finally want to weigh less..“ Who knows these all these thoughts about the own weight? During every diet […]
29. September 2017

narrow minded thinking l kleinkariertes Denken

This post is for all people who are tired of being judged and tired of seeing people being judged. While I was choosing a new outfit […]
13. September 2017

body positivity: more than self-love

Body positivity here, body positivity there. Everyone is currently talking about this great movement. Finally. I’m so happy that it gets more and more attention. And.. […]
6. September 2017

in a plastic world (+ Give-away)

Du stehst an einer wunderschönen Brandung auf Mallorca und von weitem erkennst du, wie dir langsam ganz viele unterschiedliche aber fremde Plastikteile entgegen schwimmen. Die Buchten […]
3. September 2017

about skirts and fears

When I was in Mallorca, wearing a jeans skirt very confident, I thought about my youth and the fact, that I changed a lot when it […]
20. August 2017

Intuitive eating, stop dieting and enjoy eating again

intuitive eating isn’t that easy when you live in a society which constantly tells you h0w to achieve your goal body but all them methods nothing have […]
1. August 2017

intuitive eating and gaining weight: some thoughts

The past months I hardly ever talked about my nutrition because I know that someone who suffers from an eating disorder can get affected very easily […]
19. Juli 2017

body positivity and prejudices

Well, you might have seen on Instagram Stories that I was really very angry yesterday. You know me as a positive, radiant person who tries to […]
27. Juni 2017

How to deal with negativity

You know me as a very positive person, right? Well at the moment it’s hard to stay positive for me too when everything around me seems […]