29. Januar 2017

Gastbeitrag: STOP mit Schuldgefühlen – ich stelle mich meinen Ängsten endgültig!

Ein Post im Facebook mit der Frage: „Für welche Erfahrungen in meinem Leben kann ich aus ganzem Herzen danken?“ hat mich zu diesem Text, den ich […]
22. Januar 2017

But you’re so unhealthy!

Usually I don’t care about those haters telling me I’m fat or disgusting or unhealthy because well they just deserve to be ignored. What’s the difference between […]
8. Dezember 2016

Gastbeitrag: Dear friend, I have something to tell you

Do you remember when we were eating and you have been complaining about being too fat and thinking about not eating too much? We were all […]
29. November 2016

6 tips for more self-confidence

How to be more self-confident? Self- confidence is something not everybody was born with. It is something you start building up between childhood and adolescence. That’s […]
9. November 2016

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first

Liebe Mädels, ich bin Janina bin 23 Jahre alt und seit nun circa 2 Jahren essgestört.
2. November 2016

Dear body, I’m sorry for what I did to you

For a long time I was my own enemy. I’ve worked against myself instead of working for myself. Sometimes I gave my body too little food […]
2. Oktober 2016

Letter to a 35 years old me

In 12 years, when I will be 35 years old,  I hope to be a mother, a wife and a friend and maybe still a blogger […]
11. Juli 2016

Bis meine Welt in Ohnmacht fiel

Du weißt nicht wie sich Hunger anfühlt, bis er dich zerfrisst… Du weißt nicht wie sich Essen anfühlt, bis du daran verhungerst… Du weißt nicht wie […]
6. Juli 2016

One- Way- Ticket to a bikini body

I wanted to tell you that summer is coming, because here in Switzerland it is FINALLY good weather, but the truth is.. summer is already since […]