8. Dezember 2016

Gastbeitrag: Dear friend, I have something to tell you

Do you remember when we were eating and you have been complaining about being too fat and thinking about not eating too much? We were all […]
30. November 2016

treat your skin right

You know you have dandruff when people who are talking to you prefer looking to your scalp than at your eyes. Yes, I suffer from dandruff […]
29. November 2016

6 tips for more self-confidence

How to be more self-confident? Self- confidence is something not everybody was born with. It is something you start building up between childhood and adolescence. That’s […]
16. November 2016

My gingerbread is the best

The countdown has started. Are you in christmas mood already? Well, I am. As you may know I work as a teacher and we’re already preparing […]
9. November 2016

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first

Liebe Mädels, ich bin Janina bin 23 Jahre alt und seit nun circa 2 Jahren essgestört.
2. November 2016

Dear body, I’m sorry for what I did to you

For a long time I was my own enemy. I’ve worked against myself instead of working for myself. Sometimes I gave my body too little food […]
31. Oktober 2016

Brunch: Zur Werkstatt Luzern

Mit keinem macht Essen mehr Spass als mit meiner Mama. Sie hat mir gezeigt, dass es wichtig ist, die Sachen aufzuessen, da es viele Menschen gibt, […]
23. Oktober 2016

Welcome to a fake world, welcome to Instagram!

It’s crazy but I can’t imagine waking up or going to bed without checking Instagram before and after. I might have missed something during the day or […]
13. Oktober 2016

Curvy, please!

Wednesday evening, 20.15, RTl 2. I was in the kitchen having dinner with my mother when I received a message from my boyfriend telling me that […]