25. August 2016

Music is what feelings sound like

Dancing. Singing. Laughing. Living. Forgetting. Dreaming. Relaxing. Happiness. Emotions. Feelings. Sadness. Anger. Melancholy. There’s music since.. forever? Music is something that can be so different and […]
21. August 2016

Streetparade, you crazy thing!

When I received an invitation mail to take part at the Street Parade in Zurich, I didn’t know how I should feel. On the one hand I […]
18. August 2016

Stimmen, die gehört werden möchten: Carina

Liebe Mädels, ich bin 22 Jahre alt, bin seit ca. 8 Jahren essgestört und möchte euch mit diesem Gast-Eintrag aus meinem Leben und vom Umgang mit […]
14. August 2016

A short trip to Hamburg

A few weeks ago my daddy and me spent some beautiful days in Hamburg. We decided months ago that if / when we finally have some free […]
11. August 2016

failed! – part 1

As always when I scroll through my pictures on my mobile phone I stumble upon some pictures of myself who make me laugh.. pictures I would […]
4. August 2016

comfort eating / emotionales Essen

What should I eat next? If I eat this and that I will gain weight.. and what will others think of me then? Well.. one piece […]
28. Juli 2016

Lammily: A doll with a realistic body shape

I remember how beautiful my days were when I played the whole day with my barbies. I’m a unique child and due to my mother who […]
15. Juli 2016

Life Update l What are you doing right now?

Morena, what are you doing right now? Working? studying? blogging? Well.. first of all I’m finally on vacation. Sometimes when I travel I’ve got some strange […]
11. Juli 2016

Bis meine Welt in Ohnmacht fiel

Du weißt nicht wie sich Hunger anfühlt, bis er dich zerfrisst… Du weißt nicht wie sich Essen anfühlt, bis du daran verhungerst… Du weißt nicht wie […]